The Flower Boutique


About My Materials

Flowers and foliage

As far as possible my flowers and foliage are locally sourced from our own gardens and polytunnel

Not only does this guarantee freshness but also avoids air miles.

Presentation vases

My hand tied bouquets are delivered in a presentation vase incorporating water and flower food, so there is no need to disturb them by transferring them to a different vase.

The liner is designed not only to hold water, but also to reduce light and bacterial growth in the water, so increasing the life of the flowers.

The vases are sturdy, attractive, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets used for the floral arrangements vary in design depending on what is available.

In general they are weaved wicker with tall hoop handles, and lined to hold an oasis reservoir for the flowers

The baskets are fully biodegradeable, but can be kept by the customer and used for all sorts of purposes.

Floral Foam

Used in floral arrangements such as floral wicker baskets or sprays, floral foam not only supports the individual stems, but also provides a reservoir of water for each stem. The floral foam I use is fully biodegradeable